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Hey guys, this is going to be the jumping point for the campaign, here I’ll add links to the overview of the world. Various places of interest. More in depth study of the history and the religion of the world when we get to it. And generally a point of information for both you and I to keep track of the campaign as a whole.

This is probably going to be as much as a learning experience for me as it is for you so bear with me for now. If you have any questions though feel free to ask and I’ll get you whatever information I can.

That said here’s the diving board:

Link List

Overview – This is the start of it all, you should have already read this but this should give you the basic information you need at a glance.
Herion – The capital city, you can get information about most of the goings on in the world by reading this. Definitely worth a look since it is the capital. (Under Construction – Nothing Posted yet)
Tower of Mab and Tower of Frel – The excavation sites of two towers that were apparently used by Eterne’s greatest villain Jochard Davaris. Also the homes to Port Engle and Port Banes.

Main Page

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